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The best materials for kitchen taps and sinks: chrome and stainless steel finish
Depending on the variant, our kitchen taps feature a high-quality, gleaming chrome plating or a resistant stainless steel finish. Both materials are synonymous with durability and make cleaning easier for you. Using the appropriate technique and products to maintain the taps will give them a wonderful sheen for a long period of time. hansgrohe sinks are made of stainless steel. This makes them antibacterial and hygienic, as well as rustproof and food-grade. Since stainless steel is also acid and heat-resistant, the surface is exceptionally easy to maintain. Whether chrome or stainless steel: there are some basic rules to follow when cleaning.

A Quick Guide To Restaurant Wash Down Taps

When setting up your commercial kitchen, you need to make sure all your fittings and fixtures meet the needs of your business, right down to the smallest of details. CafeStainless is specialists in providing high-quality stainless steel kitchen equipment to companies across Australia, and we stock everything from benches and sinks through to restaurant wash down taps. If you haven’t thought about your kitchen restaurant faucet, here’s a brief guide to CafeStainless’s commercial wash down taps.

Things To Consider When Buying Restaurant Wash Down Taps For Your Business

Choosing the right cafe wash down taps is an underrated, yet important decision. Here are a few reasons why you should think carefully before purchasing a kitchen restaurant faucet.

  • Functionality. You need to make sure your commercial wash down taps are right for your business. If you need to wash a lot of dishes and do a lot of cleaning day-to-day, one small tap isn’t going to cut it. Look critically at what you’ll need from your taps and go from there.
  • Water-saving. You must embrace sustainability in your business wherever possible, and one such way is to invest in water-wise restaurant wash down taps.
  • Quality. Your staff will be using the commercial wash down taps every single day, so you don’t want to cut corners and buy something cheap. Ideally, purchase high-quality stainless steel taps designed for longevity. Fortunately, CafeStainless has a reputation for supplying the very best quality in stainless steel products, so you can get your restaurant kitchen faucet through us.

CafeStainless’s Tips For Installing Your Cafe Wash Down Taps

The best part about CafeStainless’s range of products is that they’re all relatively simple to install. Here are a few tips for installing your new kitchen restaurant faucet.

  • Turn off the water first! We can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone to do some DIY plumbing only to realise the water is still on. Make sure the main is switched off before you go removing any faucets.
  • Follow the instruction manual. As simple as it looks, try to keep the instructions close to hand just in case you need to double-check that you’re on the right track.
  • Try not to kink the hoses. You’ll need to make sure everything is aligned and working, so avoid kinking the hose if possible.
  • When in doubt, get a plumber. While the process of installing our cafe wash down taps is relatively straightforward if you’ve never worked with fixtures before it may be a bit confusing. Save yourself the time and the hassle by calling in a professional plumber.

Why More Businesses Choose CafeStainless

There’s a reason why more and more hospitality businesses are turning to CafeStainless for premium quality restaurant wash down taps.

  • We have a wide range of products. Whatever you need for your kitchen, you can find it with CafeStainless’s online store. All our products come as easy-to-assemble flatpacks, making your installation experience so much simpler.
  • We deliver Australia-wide. Wherever your business is, we’ll ensure your stainless flatpack sink benches are delivered to you.
    We’re committed to value. We believe that hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes should have access to high-quality stainless steel benches. That’s why we’re proud to offer the very best value for money to all our customers throughout Australia. We’re also determined to provide the best price Australia-wide, so if you find a lower price, we’ll match it.
  • We offer premium customer service. We’re here to support each of our customers personally, so make sure you reach out with any questions, issues, or concerns, and one of our friendly team will answer them promptly.

When You Need Restaurant Wash Down Taps, Head To CafeStainless

When you need a kitchen restaurant faucet, you can’t go past CafeStainless for quality products, service, and professionalism. No matter what you need, we’ll work hard to create a custom order that suits your needs perfectly. To enquire about our commercial wash down taps, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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