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Mop Sinks Stainless

Mop Sinks Stainless Every commercial kitchen, restaurant, hotel, and food related business is required to have a mop sink, or an area not meant for any food products, but for cleaning tools and dumping dirty water from mop buckets. In fact, every commercial building and business must have such utility sinks, or an area where a mop sink can be found.

Mop sinks are places where one can fill up a mop bucket, and clean mops after they are used to maintain flooring. Not all mop sinks are the same. Some are mounted on legs and are as high as typical commercial kitchen sinks (free-standing mop sinks), which can make cleaning mops and buckets difficult because one has to lift them into the elevated free-standing mop sink.

Other mop sinks are set into or installed on the floor, making them extremely easy for a person to fill mop buckets with water, and to be able to pour out dirty water, without having to lift the mop bucket into the sink. Because these types of commercial mop sinks are installed on the floor, it also makes cleaning mops, buckets, floor mats, and tools much easier too.

Not all these sinks are made of the same type of material either, the two most common materials used for mob sinks and utility sinks are plastic and stainless steel. While many commercial buildings have plastic mop sinks, stainless steel mop sinks are the preferred choice for food related business such as commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Stainless Steel is the Best Option for Commercial Mop Sinks

Aside from their cheaper price, plastic mop sinks just can’t compare to stainless steel commercial mop sinks. For busy commercial locations that mop their floors daily, a plastic mop sink is definitely not recommended because these can become damaged with excessive use and will not last as long as stainless steel mop sinks. And when it comes to cleaning plastic mop sinks, these develop stains that can’t be removed that are caused from chemicals in soap water from mop buckets.

Likewise, germs, mold and mildew can also take root on the surface of plastic mop sinks. But with stainless steel commercial mop sinks, these problems simply do not exist. This is why commercial-grade stainless steel mop sinks are the preferred choice for commercial buildings and businesses, as they are meant to last a life time.

When choosing a commercial mop sink, often businesses will have to settle for sinks that may not fit ideally into a space or match the surrounding décor. This is one reason why it is advised to install custom-made, stainless steel commercial mop sinks, to make sure that they not only fit into the space dedicated for them, but that they meet you specific needs.

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