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Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand Cafe Restaurants Commercial Kitchens

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand Cafe Restaurants Commercial Kitchens

Throughout any given workday, employees use their hands to write up a report, shake hands with a new client, open doors and much more. All of these activities expose hands to harmful germs and bacteria. Illness is linked to productivity loss, costing employers $225.8 billion annually in the U.S[1]. Considering that 80 percent of all infections are transmitted by hands, it’s crucial to implement an effective hand hygiene program at work.

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand Cafe Restaurants Commercial Kitchens Most people spend more time Monday through Friday at the workplace than anywhere else, including their home[2]. Additionally, 90 percent of office workers will come to work even when they are sick, in part due to an ever-growing workload[3]. This makes the workplace a hotbed for germs and bacteria. Every year, the flu costs businesses $10.4 billion in direct costs for hospitalizations and outpatient visits for adults, according to the CDC[4]. And this year’s flu season could be worse than normal as experts are warning that this year’s flu vaccine may only be 10 percent effective[5].

The good news? Proper hand hygiene compliance using  Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand can reduce absenteeism and associated costs by 40 percent[6]. While washing hands with soap and water is the best way to ensure hands are properly washed and rid of germs, it isn’t always a viable option. However, there is a simple solution: hand sanitizer. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC, hand sanitizer is one of the best tools available to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. By placing hand sanitizer in strategic locations throughout the office, and other high traffic areas, you can encourage employees to improve their hand hygiene and make the office a healthier working environment.

How To Ensure Your Kitchen Is Hygenic And Compliant

Anyone who works in the hospitality industry understands the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen. Not only do the benches, equipment, and appliances need to be spotless, but the hands working with them need to be clean also. That’s why it’s essential to have a commercial hand sanitiser dispenser stand at the ready in your kitchen.

Facts About Hygiene In Commercial Kitchens

To understand the importance of hygiene in Australian commercial kitchens, CafeStainless has a few quick facts about health and hygiene standards in Australian hospitality businesses.

  • All hospitality businesses in Australia are required to have at least one double sink, proper ventilation for smoke and grease, and high-quality lighting.
  • Cooks need to wash and sanitise their hands when handling and preparing raw foods, switching food preparation tasks, and after working with food products. Additionally, they need to clean and sanitise their hands if they cough, sneeze, or touch their face at any time during their shift.
  • Before beginning work, cooks need to wash and sanitise their hands thoroughly twice.
  • The food and beverage industry in Australia make up 17% of the market demand for hand sanitiser products.

The Benefits To Having A Commercial Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand In Your Kitchen

Putting a cafe hand sanitiser dispenser stand in your commercial kitchen presents several advantages to you and your staff.

  • Efficiency. Your cooks and waitstaff will be able to clean their hands multiple times a day quickly and efficiently every time they walk past the restaurant hand sanitiser dispenser stand.
  • Ease of access. The compact, convenient size of CafeStainless’s commercial hand sanitiser dispenser stand means you can place it anywhere in the kitchen. You could have one at each point of entry and exit to remind staff to stay on top of their hygiene.
  • Your staff will feel safer. Hand sanitiser doesn’t just protect your business’s patrons and their food; it also covers the health of your valuable employees. Conveniently placed hand sanitiser stands will ensure any bacteria or germs brought into the kitchen are quickly taken care of.

Why CafeStainless Offer The Best Value For Cafe Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stands

If you’re looking for the very best value for money on your stainless steel commercial hand sanitiser dispenser stands, you can’t go past CafeStainless.

  • We’ll price match. We’re firm believers that every business, big and small, should have access to the very best equipment at affordable prices. That’s why we make it our priority to offer the lowest prices on kitchen equipment, and we’ll price match if you find a lower price.
  • We don’t compromise on quality. Despite having the most affordable products on the market, CafeStainless doesn’t compromise on quality. We offer only premium stainless steel kitchen equipment for our customers.
  • We’ll deliver Australia-wide. No matter where you’re setting up your business, we can provide your restaurant hand sanitiser dispenser stand to you. We deliver to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, and all the surrounding country areas.

If You’re Looking For A Commercial Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand, Contact CafeStainless

When you need a restaurant hand sanitiser dispenser stand, you can’t go past CafeStainless for quality products, service, and professionalism. No matter what you need, we’ll work hard to create a custom order that suits your needs perfectly. To enquire about our cafe hand sanitiser dispenser stand, feel free to contact us today.


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