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CafeStainless’s Guide To A Commercial Exhaust Canopy System

There are so many factors to choosing the right bench top filtered hood for your hospitality business that it can be overwhelming for business owners. The team at CafeStainless supplied premium quality stainless steel equipment to hospitality businesses all over Australia for years, so you can rest assured that our advice comes from experience. We’ve compiled a brief guide to exhaust canopy systems to make your kitchen set up that little bit easier.

Choosing The Right Restaurant Exhaust Canopy System For Your Business

We’ve come up with a handful of things to keep in mind when selecting a bench top filtered hood for your commercial kitchen.

  • Canopy design. The shape of your kitchen and how you use the space will dictate the design you’ll need. At CafeStainless, we have canopies that can be mounted on walls or mounted on the bench top for flexibility.
  • Size and height. When installing your restaurant exhaust canopy system, make sure it’s an adequate size for your kitchen. An exhaust too small will do little to prevent smoke and grease filling the room. Additionally, you’ll need to place the exhaust at the right height to capture smoke and grease, thereby preventing it from escaping into other areas of the kitchen.
  • Exhaust rate. Your bench top filtered hood’s exhaust rate needs to be high enough to handle the heat, smoke, and grease produced by your cooking appliances. Therefore, the exhaust rate of your canopy system will depend on the food your kitchen regularly prepares. Fatty foods create far more grease and odour, so a higher exhaust rate is required.

Why Are CafeStainless’s Bench Top Filtered Hoods The Best?

When it comes to a commercial exhaust canopy system, not many places have better value for money than CafeStainless.

  • High-quality bench top filtered hoods. Our canopy systems are made of premium-grade stainless steel, making them durable and easy to maintain.
  • The very best value. We believe that every hospitality business, big and small, should have access to excellent equipment for affordable prices. We’re so adamant about it that if you find a lower price on any of our items, we’ll match it.
  • We’ll deliver Australia-wide. Wherever your business may be, we’ll make sure we provide your restaurant exhaust canopy system promptly and safely so you can focus on the rest of your kitchen set up.

How To Keep Your Bench Top Filtered Hood Clean

To prevent fire hazards and smoke build-up in the kitchen, your commercial exhaust canopy system needs to be cleaned regularly. We’d suggest writing a calendar reminder to ensure your bench top filtered hood is never neglected.

  • Soak the filters. Once you’ve removed the filters from your canopy, place them in warm soapy water and degreasing disinfectant overnight. In the morning, you’ll only need to scrub the filter lightly to get rid of debris and grease build-up.
  • Clean the drip trays. You might need to soak the drip trays overnight as well if there’s a significant amount of grease.
    Use degreasing spray on the exterior and interior. Wipe the whole canopy with a clean damp cloth to remove any grease. Make sure you avoid harsh chemicals, as they’ll damage the stainless steel surface.
  • Dry all components before reassembling. This ensures that your bench top filtered hood is 100% ready to use once more.

For A Premium-Quality Bench Top Filtered Hood, Contact CafeStainless

When you need a commercial exhaust canopy system, you can’t go past CafeStainless for quality products, service, and professionalism. No matter what you need, we’ll work hard to create a custom order that suits your needs perfectly. To enquire about our bench top filtered hood, feel free to contact us today.

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